Security Information

                                     We take great care to protect and keep your personal information confidential in accordance 
                                with the data security rules effective within the country. Please read importance of action policy  
                                related to the collection of personal information listed below. We will take and personalize your 
                                information with your consent only.

                                Data retention
                                     We retain the information obtained from you in cases such as when you subscribe to 
                                information by email or when you register to use the service or contact us. To rate and 
                                comment on products, your email can be used to contact you about the
                                status of your comments and for information management. Your profile will be
                                created in the database. Since the first time you contacted us, we will also store all of
                                the information received. Your information will be of benefit to us to offer in line with
                                your interest and needs in the future.

                                Data usage
                                     We use your personal information for the benefit of the newsletter or the privilege by
                                email, to answer your questions and for statistical marketing research only. You may
                                choose to delete some or all of your data at any time. Please contact us by email.
                                We will take action immediately. We will disable your data file instead of deleting it
                                for the purposes of the law.

                                Data retention time
                                     We keep your information that received and the time is not clearly defined. If you no
                                longer wish to use your personal information We are ready to follow immediately.

                                Disclosure to third parties
                                     We will not disclose or forward your personal information to third parties. We do not rent, sell, or share
                                your personal information with any third parties or company in the event of the hiring of third parties
                                service providers or companies to processed your data. Your personal information is strictly
                                confidential and is not used for any other purpose and is subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

                                Using "cookies"
                                     "Cookies" are small text files that may be stored on the hard drive of the site visitor. The information
                                that Cookies saved makes it easier for you to use the website. Cookies are not personally identifiable.
                                You may choose to disable cookies. By changing your browser settings, you can read the instructions in
                                your browser's Internet file.

                                     We keep all of our data in a secure server. And prevent unauthorized access to or use of information.
                                If you have any questions or suggestions,  please contact e-mail administrator at any time.

                                Data Security
                                     We have taken technical measures to protect your information from loss, identity theft or unauthorized access.

                                Changes to rules and conditions
                                     The Company will always change its rules and terms of service and the Company will notify its
                                members via the website or through its website management system. The company reserves the right
                                to make changes without prior notice.
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