Natural Banana Beeswax : 天然香蕉蜂蜡。


Moisturizes the skin. : 保湿皮肤。

Categories : Foot Balm


Natural Banana Beeswax (天然香蕉蜂蜡)

Moisturizes the skin, heals the heel, manicure, pedicure, elbow, healing scars, scars and regenerates damaged cells to return to the elasticity.

保湿皮肤,修复脚后跟,修指甲,修脚,肘部, 愈合疤痕,伤疤和再生损伤的细胞,以恢复弹性。


Weight (重量) : 10 g
Price (價錢) : 59 Baht / pcs

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